Man sentenced for false insurance claim after CCTV proves he wasn’t in the car

Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department CCTV footage

On Thursday 3rd November, James Young, aged 33, of Hampton Avenue, Deeside, Wales pleaded guilty at Mold Magistrates Court and was sentenced to six months suspended for two years for the false claim and ordered to pay £200 in costs after an Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department investigation.

On the 8th February 2016, a collision took place in the car park of the Co-op in Deeside, Wales between two cars when one reversed into the other at slow speed.

An insurance claim was made by James Young to LV= stating that he was in the vehicle with his partner and three children. Personal injury claims were made as part of the claim from all the occupants with reported soft tissue damage.

CCTV footage of the collision was obtained by the insurance company which showed not only that there were only two children in the car but that neither James Young nor his partner were present. 

The footage also showed James Young return to the car and get inside before exiting again holding his neck as if he had been injured.

He was arrested and charged on the 12th July 2016.

Detective Constable Daryl Fryatt said, “James Young saw an opportunity to use a minor crash to which he wasn’t involved in order to defraud LV= Insurance of thousands of pounds.

“He didn’t anticipate that the insurer would investigate and that they would then pass the case through to a detective unit entirely focused on catching insurance fraudsters.

“Insurance fraud is a crime and the victims are the law-abiding insurance customers that have to pay an estimated £50 extra on every premium.

Video footage of the crash is available - Click Here