Lark Group launches insurance offering for insurance people

When you buy insurance from most providers you join a very mixed pool and, as such, your rates are based on the experience of this pool. However, when it comes to insurance professionals they have a better understanding of the market, the risks they face and the importance of being part of a good quality risk pool populated by like-minded people whose primary interest is to be risk aware and protect that pool.

It’s for these reasons that Lark provides insurance professionals with a high quality policy at preferential rates. A policy that can be tailored specifically for those who have worked in the industry for some time, are in a senior position, and who’d like to keep their private lives private and their choice of insurance cover confidential.

Typically, insurance professionals rely on a staff scheme for their insurances; however, this has two main problems. Firstly, the policies tend to be quite general in cover and not specifically aimed at the needs of a professional’s particular lifestyle or knowledge of insurance and are therefore not appropriate for everyone. Secondly, not all executives want their staff and colleagues to have visibility on information in their private lives, or they feel a conflict of interest in using their own scheme.

Mark Daines, Lark Director of Private Clients said, “The mentality of ‘one size fits all’ isn’t true for all clients and that’s why we adopt the approach that insurance should be ‘made to measure’, especially for insurance professionals. With a higher excess than most household policies, Lark adopt a similar approach to that taken with the High Net Worth market; where larger excesses are commonplace. By keeping attritional losses low, we are able to ensure that the pool remains profitable, so that we can secure and maintain the best rates for our clients.”

With Lark’s Elite Home and Motor products, insurance professionals will get a High Net Worth quality offering and a service to match. Lark's sales process is fully advised and they do not charge any additional administration fees for mid-term adjustments, either on Household or Motor policies.


Lark has created this solution in conjunction with Hiscox Syndicate at Lloyds and Aviva. This is aimed at senior insurance professionals who have worked in the Insurance Industry for at least 5 years.

With Elite, Lark offer:

• An independent, discrete, and private insurance proposition for insurance professionals

• In-house claims team with delegated authority up to £30,000

• Reliable markets - in and outside Lloyds

• A MNW & HNW product

• No administration fees

• The chance to be insured with a like minded pool of insurance professionals, discounted accordingly

• Solutions for complicated insurance professionals

• Solutions for complicated insurance problems

• Advice - face to face if required

• Survey expertise available