Gauntlet Group stages conference

Leeds-based Gauntlet Group is underlining why it has acquired a reputation for being an energetic and innovative broker, and the force behind a flourishing Appointed Representative network, by arranging a conference for insurance ARs.

The conference will be staged at Weetwood Hall, in Headingley, Leeds, on September 9 and 10 and will bring Gauntlet’s network of Appointed Representatives together, for two days of insightful insurer presentations, in-depth knowledge sharing, workshops and focused networking.

The Appointed Representatives will be encouraged to explore new business possibilities, discover how other ARs are launching, building and consolidating their new or existing insurance businesses and explore the full range of support that Gauntlet can provide to its keen entrepreneurs.

Insurer presentations will be given by Michelle South and Lucy Gleeson  (Willis 360), Julie McCarthy and John Read (Willis), Lee Price and Joe Hantson (THB) and Rachel Taylor (Aviva).

A new and exclusive marketing and PR toolkit will be launched in time for the conference, to assist Gauntlet’s ARs with their business growth, and there will be a chance to get one-to-one support from Gauntlet’s external marketing and PR consultants.  The toolkit will only be available to Gauntlet ARs.

The Appointed Representatives, many of whom will never have met each other before, will be able to socialise during a Gauntlet-hosted dinner at Weetwood Hall and forge new support links that will enable them to pick up the phone and ask for advice, should they need the opinion of another AR.

The event will be backed by a new Gauntlet Enterprise website, which will showcase Gauntlet’s new brand identity. Appointed representatives who have time to do so, will also be able to visit Gauntlet’s impressive new offices, in Killingbeck, Leeds.

Gauntlet Group’s managing director, Roger Gaunt, says: “We are delighted to be staging this conference for our Appointed Representatives.   Although they already have a comprehensive system of support, on a daily basis, and a full-time AR manager, to whom to refer queries and needs, this is a chance for them to top this support up, acquiring additional tools and knowledge that will enable them to take their business to the next level.”